Wizardmon's Gift is the 37th episode in the series.

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Sora: "It's not your fault."

Matt: "Yes it is, I blew it. Tai asked me to protect her and I couldn't. I let everyone down."

Sora: "Okay Matt, it seems to me there are two things you can do about this. Number one, you can stand there and beat yourself up about the whole thing or number two, we can find a way to rescue Kari! What's it gonna be?"

Matt: "You're right, let's get her."

- Sora snaps Matt out of his guilt trance.

DemiDevimon: "You'll love this boss, I've found the eighth Digidestined!"

- DemiDevimon alerts Myotismon that he and Phantomon have Kari.

Mimi: "Tai, you made it inside!"

Tai: "Mimi, where are the others?"

Mimi: "They're all fast asleep. Myotismon put them under some sort of sleeping spell since he found the eighth child."

Tai: "Oh no! That means he has Kari!"

Mimi: "What, Kari?"

Tai: "Come on, let's go."

- Mimi warns Tai of Kari's predicament

Myotismon: "Little girl, why have you chosen to show yourself to me? Do you have any idea what's about to happen to you?"

Kari: "I've got a guess."

Myotismon: "Then why?"

Kari: "Cause you were hurting all those people. (Lividly): Someone had to stop you from hurting innocent people!"

Myotismon (Surprised): "My what a thoughtful little girl you are."

- Myotismon warns Kari that he will kill her but is replied to by her courage.

Tai: "You just picked on the wrong guy's little sister, Mr. Fang Face!"

- Tai is angrier than ever at Myotismon for abducting and attempting to murder Kari!

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