Season 2 of Digimon consists of 50 episodes.

The season premiered on January 1, 2016.

Plot overview Edit

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Episodes Edit

  1. Enter Flamedramon
  2. The Digiteam Complete
  3. A New Digitude
  4. Iron Vegiemon
  5. Old Reliable
  6. Family Picnic
  7. Guardian Angel
  8. Ken's Secret
  9. The Emperor's New Home
  10. The Captive Digimon
  11. The Storm of Friendship
  12. The Good, the Bad and the Digi
  13. His Master's Voice
  14. The Samurai of Sincerity
  15. Big Trouble in Little Edo
  16. 20,000 Digi Leagues Under the Sea
  17. Ghost of a Chance
  18. Run Yolei Run
  19. An Old Enemy Returns
  20. The Darkness Before Dawn
  21. The Crest of Kindness
  22. Davis Cries Wolfmon
  23. Genesis of Evil
  24. If I Had a Tail Hammer
  25. Spirit Needle
  26. United We Stand
  27. Fusion Confusion
  28. The Insect Master's Trap
  29. Arukenimon's Tangled Web
  30. Ultimate Anti-Hero
  31. Opposites Attract
  32. If I Only Had a Heart
  33. A Chance Encounter
  34. Destiny in Doubt
  35. Cody Takes a Stand
  36. Stone Soup
  37. Kyoto Dragon
  38. A Very Digi Christmas
  39. Dramon Power
  40. Digimon World Tour Part 1
  41. Digimon World Tour Part 2
  42. Digimon World Tour Part 3
  43. Invasion of the Daemon Corps
  44. Dark Sun, Dark Spore
  45. The Dark Gate
  46. Duel of the WarGreymon
  47. BlackWarGreymon's Destiny
  48. Oikawa's Shame
  49. The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined
  50. A Million Points of Light

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