Seasick and Tired is the 41st episode in the series.

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Piedmon: "How small they look from here, like ants. Strange that such creatures can cause so much trouble."

MetalSeadramon: "They won't for long. They're standing on the edge of my territory now, the sea. I'll be the one to finish these Digidestined once and for all."

Piedmon: "Hmm, bold words. But you're not the first to make such a boast MetalSeadramon."

MetalSeadramon: "But I will be the last! They'll be shark-bait before the day is through. (laughs evilly)"

-The Dark Masters talk about how to eradicate the Digidestined

Joe (Hearing the gang in trouble): "Those sounds never mean anything good."

Gomamon: "Let's go."

Mimi: "Oh no, something tells me this means no chili dogs."

-Joe and Mimi realize something is wrong about the "shack".

MetalSeadramon (laughs evilly): "Well done Scorpiomon.  These Digidestined are not so difficult to handle after all.  Here's your reward. (Feeds him clams)"

Scorpiomon: "Ooh, clams. Oh thank you, thank you boss. I just love clams.  I just can't get enough of them."

One falls on Gomamon's head in which he says ow, only to be shushed by Palmon.

MetalSeadramon (Having heard Gomamon): "What was that?"

Scorpiomon: "What is it boss? You want some?"

MetalSeadramon: "Quiet! I thought I heard something."

Scorpiomon: (After no noise from either partner, Joe or Mimi):" I didn't hear anything."

- Mimi and Joe realize the shack was a trick.

MetalSeadramon: (Laughs Evilly): 8 little gnats and their Digimon accomplices. (notices Mimi and Joe's absence): What's this? There's supposed to be 8 of them! 2 of them are missing! (Turning to Scorpiomon): You chuckle-headed cockleshell! Stop eating and find the other 2 now!"

Scorpiomon: "Oh you got it, right away, I'm on it."

- MetalSeadramon finds out Joe and Mimi avoided his trap and sends Scorpiomon after them.

Mimi: "Yikes! And I thought Shellmon's breath was gnarly! He'll toast them like marshmallows!"

- Mimi and Joe are running out of time to save the others.

MetalSeadramon: "Farewell DigiDestined. It was a rare pleasure knowing you. MEDIUM RARE!"

Scorpiomon: "Ow, hot, hot, hot!"

MetalSeadramon: "Huh?"

Scorpiomon: "Who's the hot-tempered foul-mouth who...(seeing MetalSeadramon): Oh it was you boss okay, no problem."

MetalSeadramon: "What no, no! They're gone, all of them gone! Scorpiomon, how did this happen?"

Scorpiomon: "Um well, that's a fair question. You see it happened..."

MetalSeadramon: "SILENCE! You failed me and I will not forgive failure!"

Scorpiomon: "No I didn't think that you would."

- MetalSeadramon just realized that the DigiDestined escaped the shack alive.

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